Channel: Sky Hits

Time: 5:55pm – 8:00pm

Action: ***** Lots, funny

Realism: **** Nope, often lacks internal logic

Brains: *** Not complicated, not to be taken seriously

Heart: *** Some decent drama, underpinning the action

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Mainly: Sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure, comedy

Definitely not: Horror, Western, war

Teenage Marty McFly accidentally gets catapulted back to 1955, where he unwittingly interferes with his parents meeting. To save himself from eradication, he must play matchmaker for them while figuring out how to get back to the future. They call Back to The Future a classic because it’s old and it’s a family friendly adventure that has defied time, much like Star Wars.

It’s about as much sci-fi as Star Wars is, too – not much social commentary, high tech or high concept here. All the technobabble is fantastical nonsense. That’s the charm of Back to The Future which is not trying to be serious. I’d call it a romp, if using that word didn’t make me want to slap myself. There’s a romance element here, but even if you don’t like romance you’ll probably find it inoffensive.