Channel: Sky Crime / Thriller

Time: 11:10pm – 1:40am

Action: ***** Lots, brilliantly imaginative

Realism: ***** None at all, but convincing in its own way

Brains: ***** Buckets, but clearly presented

Heart: ***** Great drama, not sappy

Director: Christopher Nolan

Mainly: Sci-fi, fantasy, action, adventure, thriller, drama

Definitely not: Horror, Western, war, comedy

A team of dream-hackers break into the mind of a business tycoon in order to plant an idea. But the leader’s own troubled subconscious makes an inconvenient appearance. Inception is the film Christopher Nolan wrote possibly as a screw-you in the rule that says you should never use the old cliché: “It was all a dream.”

Indeed, the question of whether it’s all a dream has been inflaming Inception fans since the film’s own inception. If that sounds high concept, it is, but Inception is also a down-to-earth, human drama of love and loss, and a finely choreographed cascade of clever-physics action sequences. The dream world has many layers and you’ll have to pay close attention. It’s worth it.